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Simply Swim

Simply Swim offer a fantastic range of kit for your triathlon swim, from stylish and streamline wetsuits, to simple silicone swim caps and performance goggles. Choose from leading brands such as Orca, Blueseventy, Zone 3, Aqua Sphere, Zoot and Huub. Their triathlon wetsuits range from top tier styles worn by Olympians, to more affordable entry level styles, that will suit people just starting out on their triathlon journey. Whatever your budget, Simply Swim have the gear for your triathlon challenge.

Simply Swim have a shop in Faversham in Kent where they stock everything on their website, so you can just pop in and try before buy. They also have a fantastic, easy-to-use website offering free delivery on all orders over £15. You can also call or email their brilliant customer care team, 7 days a week, for any advice or to just place an order.

Simply Swim are offering an exclusive discount to participants of the Leeds Castle Triathlon. Use LEEDSCASTLE19 online or quote this code over the phone to received 10% off your order.


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PureChimp is the home of feel good matcha green tea and 100% natural skin care products. They donate 5% of their profits to charity and are a member of '1% For The Planet'.


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Real Handful

Husband, Dad, Entrepreneur, Foodie, Traveller, Speaker, Ironman and self-professed Startup-Geek, Real Handful Co-founder Joe cut his teeth in the world of food and drink with innocent drinks, before he joined Kellogg’s and subsequently Heinz. In the midst of his Ironman training, Joe became very interested in what nutrients were really inside the ‘healthy’ snacks he was fuelling up on. He found himself increasingly frustrated by the over-complication of the industry, and existing brands’ reliance on functional health claims, rather than flavour. A few years after the Ironman, Joe embarked on a bigger challenge to make healthier snacking simple, fun and delicious. Joined by his wife Carly, who has over 15 years of experience in the food and drink industry, the duo has worked together to create range of snacks that are made from deliciously nutritious ingredients and full of flavour, perfect for busy families that live in unruly households (just like them).


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‘Whether you’re on the move, busy at work or looking for a healthy alternative to unhealthy snacks, it is essential that you are consuming adequate levels of protein to help you preserve your strength, restore your energy levels and keep you on top.

UFIT Drinks make it simple and convenient for you to fuel your body while allowing you to focus on taking care of the other things in your life. Plus, they taste delicious!

They have 2 ranges of drinks: a standard range which contains 22g of protein and a PRO50 range which contains 50g of protein and is suggested as two servings. All of their drinks are low in fat, contain added vitamins and minerals and no added sugar!

UFIT Drinks are aimed at anyone and everyone who is active-ish. They can be used as an addition to a meal or as a healthy snack on their own.’



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Triathlon England

As part of its four year strategic plan and Sport England funding, Triathlon England is assisting in the development of more large scale, mass participation events in iconic locations across England. To do this we are engaging with established event organisers and working with them to create events like this. At Triathlon England we recognise that the most expensive and difficult times in any events evolution is during their first few years of creation. It is during this time we want to assist organisers to ‘get to the start line’.

Website: Visit the Triathlon England website